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Plant Nurseries for Sale in South Florida (Click BBF Listing # for more details)
Listing No. Location Category Detail Price Down Adjusted Net Sales
BBF-26423008 Broward, Florida USA *Should Qualify For Visa* Nursery
810,000 350,000 114,661 404,565
BBF-122230109 Miami-Dade, Florida USA *Should Qualify For Visa* Nursery
1,490,000 1,490,000 85,628 221,449
BBF-117211566 Miami-Dade, Florida USA Nursery
1,650,000 950,000 432,994 1,000,000
BBF-123710001 Miami-Dade, Florida USA *Should Qualify For Visa* Nursery
1,950,000 1,000,000 332,872 796,222



Gardening enthusiasts love getting what they need from their favorite nursery or garden center. And those who own one of these businesses enjoy serving their regular clientele with detailed knowledge, experience, unparalleled customer service, and information about up-to-the-minute industry trends. Starting a garden center business from scratch, however, can be a nightmare. Instead, consider buying an existing nursery business that's for sale. Many provide regional and exotic plants, as well as raw materials, gardening supplies, yard and garden decor, landscaping tools, and delivery service.

More than 11,500 nursery and garden center businesses make up the $28 billion industry in the United States. Finding an independent plant nursery for sale may not yield the same numbers, but you can still do well with a smaller operation – especially if you can cater to the $73 billion landscaping industry. With an industry growth rate of almost 4%, buying the right nursery or garden center business can keep you in the green for years. 

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